Who's that girl... it's me

A few of my favorite things:

Coffee, Dogs, The Office ( DUH!), Parks and Rec ( Also DUH!), Pizza, Sushi, Walt Disney World, Tattoos, and my couples!


Hello! My name is Kayce Shoffner. I am a wedding photographer based out of Central Pennsylvania. East Coast girl dreaming of living on the West Coast, in the desert! I am a wife to my husband Brett and a mother of two beautiful girls, Avery and Olive. Can't forget my two pups Molly & Arlo. My obsession with photography started at a young age and it still blows my mind I get to do this for a living. I'm all about unique, artistic, fun loving photos for my couples. Rad images for my RAD couples! I want each of my couples to experiences an adventure that we go on together!

Marriage is the BOMB!

I am passionate about the beauty of marriage and the union of two souls people becoming one. I believe in the intimacy and covenant of marriage. I believe that marriage is a sacred bond that should not be entered into lightly. Love is RAD! Marriage is RAD! It is created to be a bond that is lasting! Not here today, gone tomorrow. I believe in a love that is worth fighting for. A love that you will not cast aside. And it is a pleasure to photograph couples who believe and trust in that. The greatest thing is LOVE (1 Corinthians 13:13) and I am honored to be able to capture it in its essence. Your wedding day is not only a proclamation of your love for each other but the willingness to sacrifice for it; through thick and thin, on the mountain tops and in the valleys of life.

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—Michael scott

What Equipment do you use?

I use all Canon gear. I use two Canon's 5d Mark iv and 5d Mark iii. I use an assortment of lenses for both Engagement and Wedding but my favorites are canons 45mm tilt shift, 35mm, and 50mm. I also love to play with prisms. I like to get weird with my prisms.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

My story about photography is cray cray. Long story short, I was living in Hawaii and my fathers best friend was a professional underwater photographer and I was like " yea, this is cool". Spark started and then turned into a big fat FIRE! I've been taking photos since I was a teen but started really pursing photography in 2010. I started trickling into wedding photography in 2011 and started full wedding seasons in 2013 and haven't looked back!

Will you give me direction? I'm awkward in front of the camera.

The answer is yes! I absolutely give direction. This chick ain't gonna leave ya hanging! I do help pose and then play games, ask a questions, and do all sorts of fun things to get you loose and having fun. Don't worry... I never find a couple awkward EVER in front of the camera. Just relax, have fun, and you will look awesome! I promise!

Do you travel?

Uhh, FRICK YEAH! Depending on where you are getting married ( Joshua Tree, Mexico, etc) I may even offer a discount if it's a bucket list item for myself. So contact me and lets hit the road!


My love couples see worth and value in photography.

They are fun loving and ready to laugh.

Ready to embrace an adventure.

Are looking for something different and not your normal, traditional, boring photos.

You love each other and aren't afraid to show it.

just wanna have fun and create great moments that are special and memorable.